The Four Gospel Journey, a film series by Alexander J. Shaia

How do we face change? How do we move through suffering? How do we receive joy? How do we mature in service? In this six week film series Alexander J. Shaia uses the great map of the four Gospels, as did the early Christians, to guide us on the Christ journey of love, growth and transformation. Darkness isn’t the end, it’s the beginning. The series includes six conversation films with Alexander, a discernment and discussion guide, and transcripts of the conversation. The series invites us to discover that the darkness isn’t the end, but is rather the beginning of a new journey with Jesus. Please contact Jennie Clark if you would like to watch the films along with the Journey class on Sundays.

  • April 26 “Preparing Heart and Mind for the Journey”
  • May 3 “Waking and Facing Change: Climbing Matthew’s Great Mountain”
  • May 10 “Moving Through Trials: Crossing Mark’s Stormy Sea”
  • May 17 “Receiving Gifts: Resting in John’s Glorious Garden”
  • May 24 “Maturing Through Service: Walking Luke’s Road of Riches”  
  • May 31 “The Essential Practices of the Journey”