Our deepest desire for our children is to know Christ, and understand that He loves them. Our ministry is Christ-centered.  The curriculum is Bible-based and relevant to children’s lives. We encourage relationships and help children discover their relationship with God.  We want every child to be known and loved, and to build lasting friendships. We believe all God’s children are graced by the Holy Spirit.  Through worship, prayer, study, and intentional service, we foster children’s spiritual growth while placing a high priority on safety and security.  


Is available at the 9:30 am service. Contact Jill Reichert for more info. 

KidsConnect Sunday School

Sunday school is offered regularly from 9:30 am in the large gathering area for age four-year-olds through fifth graders. They will explore God's word using the KidsConnect Celebrate Wonder Curriculum. Contact Jill Reichert if you'd like a copy of the curriculum. 

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Family Events

Throughout the year we offer intergenerational fellowship and mission events to grow in community with our Westminster family and friends.  We welcome families to join us for seasonal events, movie nights, and outreach mission events.  Consider joining us for our next event. See the next upcoming event. 

Faith Milestones

Milestones provide a faith milestone as a marker along life’s faith journey that says, “This is important, know God is with us.” It is a faith formation practice for both home and congregation that helps all generations recognize God’s presence in everyday life. We offer several milestones throughout the year.


Baptism is a celebration of God's covenant, a sign of God's grace, and the seal of incorporation into Christ and the into the community of faith.  The baptism of infants and young children witnesses to the truth that God's love claims people before they are able to respond in faith.  Baptisms for young children are scheduled the third Sunday of every month, to take place during morning worship.  Any parent who is a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church is welcome to present his/her child for baptism.  The congregation, as well as the parent(s), take vows to nurture the child in the Christian faith.  Prior to the baptism of a child, parents are required to attend a baptism class which is held the last Sunday of every month (except December).  To schedule a baptism for a child, contact the church office. 

My child has been baptized - what happens next? Connect with other parents in small groups to enjoy conversations on Christian parenting, topic discussions, and fellowship. 

Communion Workshop

Each year we offer an interactive communion workshop for children in Grade 2 – Grade 5 and their parents.  The workshop takes place prior to the beginning of Lent, in anticipation of children sharing the Lord’s Supper with their church family as we prepare for Easter. 

Third Grade Bibles

In the fall our third graders receive their very own Bible each fall in worship.  Each Bible is personalized with their name in calligraphy on the inside cover.  A parent meeting precedes the Bible presentation to help with the following questions: When, where, and why we give Bibles to third graders? Why did we choose this particular Bible? What are the special features of this Bible that make it fun for kids? What will my third grader learn in Sunday school each week? How can parents support their children in using the Bible every day?

Interested in Volunteering?

Contact Jill Reichert  and please read, complete, and return these forms to the Karen Randel in compliance with Pennsylvania State Protective Service Law.