Thank you for visiting Westminster online. We realize that the first visit to a new church can sometimes be confusing. We hope this site will provide helpful information about Westminster Presbyterian Church's ministry and programs. If you would like additional information, feel free to contact the church office or any staff member. We hope to see you at Westminster in the future. 

Where should I park?

Westminster’s lot provides ample parking for our guests and includes special parking for handicapped, special needs, and first time visitor near the main entrance.  Curbside drop-off is available at the main entrance. 

Which door do I use?

It doesn’t really matter. All the doors are unlocked on Sunday mornings. Some doors are more convenient than others, depending on where you park or are headed.

Easiest way into the Sanctuary is by way of the main entrance through the portico. These doors will take you into the lobby area (Narthex). It’s also the best door to use if you’re going to Spellman Hall (Fellowship Hall).

Easiest way into the Chapel is to drive past the main entrance and park along the side of the building. The door is up a long ramp. When you enter the building, turn right at the first hallway, and the Chapel is the first door on the left. You can also drive around the church and park near the preschool playground. Enter through the entrance up the stairs and turn left at the first hallway and the Chapel will be the first door on the right. 

Easiest way to the office area is to drive around the building and park near the memorial garden. The offices are located through the entrance on the lefthand side of the sidewalk. Please the ring doorbell to be admitted. 

Easiest back door entrance to the preschool, Sunday school and childcare is to drive halfway around the building (near the stop sign). There is a entrance under the portico to the lower level. 

Where’s the coffee?

Available every Sunday morning, you’ll find both decaf and regular coffee in Café 10 West or Spellman Hall (Fellowship Hall). We serve snacks at our Café 10 West every Sunday. The only exception to this rule is the third Sunday of the month which is Sticky Bun Sunday, where we serve homemade sticky buns. 

What happens in worship?

Our 9:30am service is held in the sanctuary. The pastors and choir members wear robes. Two or three hymns are sung with organ or piano accompaniment. Our chancel choir typically sings, and sometimes we have our bell choirs and/or a guest soloist. Scripture is read and the pastor preaches a sermon from the pulpit. During worship we offer prayers and an offering is taken. On the first Sunday of the month, communion is served. On the third Sunday of the month, baptism may occur during worship. The entire service lasts about 45-50 minutes.

Our 11:00am service is held in the sanctuary, and is our contemporary service. Leaders won't be in robes or use the pulpit. Worship is lead by our worship band, and you'll find lyrics and responses projected on screens in the front of the Sanctuary. The content of the service (the sermon, the children's sermon, prayer) will be repeated from the earlier services. This service is an hour long. 

Large print bulletins and hymnals are available. Listening devices are available at the information desk (in the Narthex) for use in the Sanctuary. Ask any usher for assistance.

What if I can't attend on Sunday mornings?

Prayer and communion chapel service is an informal 20-minute service held every Wednesday morning at 9:10am in the sanctuary. At this meditative service, there will be time to reflect on scripture through an interpretive reading and communion will be served.

A Taizé service is held at 5:00pm in the Sanctuary on the first Sunday of the month (September-June). This 45-minute service is meditative and features musical chants of the Taizé community. Communion will be served and there will be a time of prayer. 

All our services are live streamed and available to watch live or anytime during the week. 

How should I dress?

There is no “dress code” – wear what’s comfortable to you and you’ll fit right in. You will notice some people dress up for church and others in jeans.  

My kids aren’t used to sitting in worship. Help!

While we understand that kids can be restless if they have to sit for a long time, we welcome and encourage them to take part in the worship experience. After all, worship is for the entire family of God – including grown-ups. Kids who like to read or color can pick up a children's bulletin from the ushers to keep their hands busy as they listen to the words and music. 

If you have kids who are in elementary school, they are invited to join KidsConnect Sunday School during the 9:30 service. This program is available September through July, and kids who participate will meet in the Courtyard before the service. For first time visitors, please go with your child to meet their Sunday School teacher. If you have babies or children younger than four, childcare is available on the lower level.

Some people have found that the parlor (to the right of the main entrance) is a good place to hang out with energy-filled kids. We broadcast our services into the room through a TV. You can see and hear the worship service even though you are slightly removed from it.

Am I allowed to take communion?

Any person who has been baptized is welcome to participate in the sacrament of the Lord’s supper. You don’t have to be Presbyterian or even a member of any church. There is no age requirement. At communion, we remember Jesus’ last meal with his disciples, and how Jesus gave his life for each one of us -- so that we will have life even after death.

At Westminster, we have communion on the first Sunday of the month. We usually practice intinction, where you walk up the aisle and pick up a piece of bread from a server, dip it in a cup of grape juice, serve yourself, and return to your seat. Four times a year the “elements” (bread and grape juice) are brought to you as you sit in your pew. We eat the elements together after everyone is served. A little rack with round holes can be found on the pew ahead of you (near the hymn books). It’s for holding the small juice cups when they’re empty.

Do I have to be a member to participate in activities?

No – all programs and activities on Sunday morning and throughout the week are open to anyone who would like to attend. 

Who do I contact to ask a question?

The church office is open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm. Call 610.399.3377 and the phone will most likely be answered by our friendly and helpful church secretary, Barb. She can answer your question, or direct you to the right person to answer your question.

Or, send an email to info@westminsterpc.org.

On Sunday mornings, go to our Information Center (the large desk in the hallway right by the main entrance and outside the Sanctuary), stop by our main office and our Sunday Receptionist, Linda will help you, or ask anyone wearing a name tag and they will be more than happy to help you.

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