Westminster offers a variety of classes to meet the diverse interests of the congregation.  Classes offer opportunities to explore the Bible, wrestle with theological issues, to engage in conversation about the intersection of faith and contemporary issues and to deepen Christian spiritual formation.


Journey Class

Journey Classes are held on Sunday at 9:45 – 10:45am over Zoom.  These classes range in format: guest speakers, panel forums, class-sermon series, or DVD- based studies with discussion.  Our Academy schedule offers relevant topics tailored to encourage a practical faith that engages with real life.  People are always welcome to drop in for a class at any time. Click here to watch recorded classes.


“Genesis: The Beginning Of. . .”

The book of Genesis famously opens with the words, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” As the first book of the Bible, Genesis lays the foundation for all that is to follow.  Some call Genesis the book of beginnings. Major themes in Genesis are about what its name implies: beginnings. Come explore selected texts in the opening chapters of the book of Genesis with Dr. Sue Fry. For each session, there are guiding questions and/or issues to consider. You are welcome to join all or some of the sessions, as you are able. Click here to watch prior discussions.

September 6 God and Creation- Part I”

Guiding Question: Can you identify the beginnings in Genesis?

September 13   God and Creation- Part II”

Guiding Question: What is the image of God?

September 20   God’s Response to Sin and Rebellion”

Exploration: Dimensions of Sin and Rebellion

Dynamic Tensions in Genesis 1-11

September 27   The Divine Intention to Bless- Part I”

Guiding Question: How does God bless the created order?

How humans participate in the blessing.

October 4 The Divine Intention to Bless- Part II”

Introduction to the Abraham Cycle—Genesis 12

Guiding Question: How does the book of Genesis portray Abraham?

Further exploration: How Abraham is regarded in various religions.

October 11 The Formation of a People”

Concepts: Blessing/Promise/Covenant and Community

Click here to register for this discussion over Zoom. Questions? Contact: Jennie Clark.