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Join a Lenten Study Group

He was not rich or educated, but was familiar with hard work. He was quick-tempered and impetuous, but possessed a passion that would change the world. He left everything to follow his teacher, yet struggled with doubt and fear. Register with one of the five small groups below to participate in this six-week journey, and take an in-depth dive into the life, faith, and character of Simon Peter during Lent. Participants are encouraged to get a copy of the book, Simon Peter: Flawed but Faithful Disciple. Questions? Contact Jennie Clark.

11:30 am-12:30 pm Sundays: February 21 - March 28
for women and men
led by Patti Stewart & Jennie Clark
Click here to register.
7-8:30 pm Mondays: February 22 - March 29
(for women and men)
led by Diane & Ed McFalls
Click here to register.
9:30-11 am Tuesdays: February 23 - March 30
(for women)
led by Carol Edwards
Click here to register.
7-8:30 pm Wednesdays: February 24 - March 31
(A Gathering of Men) 
led by Ed Kane
Click here to register.
9:30-11 am Thursdays: February 25 - April 1
(for women and men)
led by Ruth Simonson, Ann McNally & Betsy Ballantyne
Click here to register.

Lent Discussion Group on Facebook

Everyday during Lent (February 17 - April 3) we will post a daily devotion in a Facebook group for you to reflect, pray and discuss with your Westminster family. Click here to join the Facebook group.

Lent Daily Devotionals

Print out or read a digital Lenten daily devotional booklet that includes a scripture passage and devotion for you to use during this season of Lent. Interested in a digital copy? Contact Barb Drain. Would you like a printed version? Contact Barb Drain.

Lenten Prayer Wall

We are placing a prayer wall outside the church building during Lent. We invite you to add your prayers to our wall. You are welcome to offer as many prayers as you need, returning to this wall as often as you need. On a prayer strip, write a word or phrase to represent your prayer to God. Then weave it inside the ampersand shape, adding it to the prayers of our larger community. Questions? Contact Chris Clark.

Who Would’ve Thought . . . ?

Watch Pastor Don's conversation on Tuesday, Jan. 5, Who would’ve thought . . . ? Pastor Don looks back at 2020, take stock at how Westminster and all its constituencies came through the stress and testing, and look forward at where we might go from here and how 2021 might shine some light into the tunnel that we’re still traversing. Next Tuesday, Jan. 12 join them for Brent Celek's conversation on Highlights of My Eagles Career, the SuperBowl and Life LessonsClick here to attend that discussion. Questions? Contact Nick Tortorello.

Wednesday Morning Women’s Bible Study Starts a New Study!

9:45-11:15am Wed. Jan 20-April 28 • Zoom
Women, you're invited to study Take Courage: A Study of Haggai by Jennifer Rothschild. The prophet Haggai reminded the discouraged Jewish people when they returned to their wrecked land after exile they could find courage in the God who had never left them. Today God’s presence and promises give us the courage to press on and trust God. Click here to register. Questions or info on purchasing the workbook contact Ellen Musser.

Bridge of Hope: Churches Respond; Homelessness Ends; Hope Begins

In the past, Westminster partnered with Bridge of Hope, a local organization that assists parents and their children in transitioning from situations of homelessness to permanent housing. We would like to rekindle our partnership with Bridge of Hope in 2021. Teams from our congregation will be trained to offer support as Neighboring Volunteers, walking with families as they move towards financial stability and emotional wholeness. In doing so, we help to restore hope and create brighter futures one family at a time. To learn more and/or find out how you can become part of a neighboring team, please contact Ann Hatfield. 

Preschool Registration Opens Today!

Westminster's Preschool registration for the 2021-2022 school year has begun. Registration is online or through the mail because the preschool is currently closed due to COVID-19. Church members will receive priority registration but they must have their information submitted on or before Wednesday, January 20th. If you have questions, please contact the Director of the Preschool, Jackie Steinmetz.

Color of Compromise

11:30 am Sundays Jan 10- Feb 14 • Zoom
Watch our first Journey discussion of 2021. In this seven week DVD series, The Color of Compromise Jemar Tisby takes us back to the roots of sustained racism and injustice in the American church, highlighting the cultural and institutional tables that must be flipped in order to bring about progress. This study offers a diagnosis for a racially divided American church and suggests ways to foster a more equitable and inclusive environment among God’s people. Participants are encouraged to read the book. Even without the book, all are welcomed to join in all or any sessions as able. Click here to register. Questions? Contact Jennie Clark.

Epiphany Star Words

Looking for a New Year spiritual practice? Epiphany Star Words are a prayer practice that individuals or families can participate in. Check out this video to hear how you and/or your family can participate in this practice from your own home. Questions or for more information, contact Chris Clark. For more spiritual practices, we will post weekly blog posts starting this week on our family resource blog.

A Prayer for our Country

Gracious and eternal God, in these moments of strife and discord, we pray for our country. Call us to our better selves, that we may release all anger rooted in self-centeredness. Remind us of our mutual responsibilities to live as a republic, as one people together, grounded on the freedoms and traditions of our constitution. Free us from any desire to be first or foremost – or to get our own way, no matter the cost. Instead, grant us strength and courage to listen wholeheartedly to voices long silenced, work together for justice and peace and govern collaboratively as one nation with others far different from ourselves, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
“Let us live honorably as in the day … not in quarreling and jealousy. Instead, put on the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Romans 13:13)
The pastoral staff invite you to be praying for our nation, our leaders and our citizens as we journey through these challenging days.  Additional resources can be found: