News - News, September

Update from the Task Force

This week our task force mailed a letter to the congregation with updates of campus use and COVID policies at Westminster. Highlights of the update of the letter include:
  • Allow WPC groups of up to 15 to meet in Spellman Hall. Staff members will need to be present if the meeting is not held during hours when staff are regularly in the building. Access to the meeting must be made available virtually for anyone who is unable or unwilling to attend in person.
  • Wednesday morning in-person prayer service can be held in the sanctuary with a maximum of 25 people in attendance from 9:10 – 9:30am. 
  • The sanctuary and labyrinth will be available for private, individual prayer and worship during limited times.
  • Taizé in-person services may be held in the sanctuary with a maximum of 25 people in attendance.
All these gatherings will require registration, attendance forms, waivers, etc. – and will also require strict adherence to COVID19 safety protocols. Scheduling of the events listed above will also be dependent upon any changes to the guidelines issued by either state or local officials. Click here to read the full letter. Look for signups for these opportunities in the weeks ahead.

Update from the WPC Thrift Shop

The final stages of clean-up at the Westminster Thrift Shop are underway including drywall replacement, floor painting, and re-setup of clothing, housewares, furniture, etc. We are very thankful for all of your prayers, phone calls, emails, and letters of encouragement over the past months. Stay tuned for the announcement of our reopening date.

WPC Nonprofit Partner: Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity began as a grassroots program in 1976 on a farm in southern Georgia. They now build and renovate affordable housing in all 50 states and more than 70 other countries worldwide. Since 1976, Habitat has built more than 350,000 homes. Habitat's vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live and works toward the vision by building strength, stability and self reliance in partnership with people and families in need of a decent and affordable home. The program is not a giveaway program, the homeowner buys the houses that Habitat builds and works alongside volunteers in renovation/building efforts.
The West Grove/Coatesville construction sites are now operational with a limited number of volunteers working. The ReStore is also now open. Westminster is working on scheduling a workday with Habitat for Humanity. Stay tuned for more information. Click here to support the local branch of Habitat for Humanity.

Exhausted by the Pandemic?

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to wear on, many people are experiencing pandemic fatigue—the mental and emotional exhaustion that comes with the stresses and challenges we’re facing. More and more people are feeling worn down by this ongoing crisis and are in need of care. That’s where your Stephen Ministers can make a difference, meeting this need by providing care, compassion, community, and a listening ear. Contact Pastor Ann to learn more about Stephen Ministry or how we can support you during this pandemic.

KidsConnect Fall Kickoff

KidsConnect Drive-By & Ice Cream Treats: The Children’s Spiritual Growth Team is excited to ‘greet your family’ during our drive by weekend! Drive by the WPC Preschool South Church Entrance from 10am-11:30am on Saturday, September 12 or 12-1pm Sunday, September 13 when we will be handing out the family fall Celebrate Wonder curriculum/activities; Bibles; family resources for back to school and sidewalk chalk! 

Join us for Celebrate Wonder KidsConnect Sunday Kickoff (via Zoom) from 8:45-9:30am Sunday, September 13 to meet and greet your fall leaders who will ‘Welcome your children’! We honor the spiritual life of your children and look forward to experiencing and reflecting on Bible stories; spiritual practices; and helping children make meaning of their lives during these difficult days of living a ‘virtual life’. They will explore God's word using the KidsConnect Celebrate Wonder 2020-2021 Curriculum. Watch Celebrate Wonder Introduction Video or watch the Celebrate Wonder Music VideoClick here to attend. Questions? Contact Sue Spotts.

Collection for West Chester Food Cupboard

Normally, Westminster conducts a monthly food collection for the West Chester Food Cupboard (WCFC), donating approximately 400 pounds of food each month. Volunteers collected the food weekly, and make two deliveries a month to the WCFC. However, during the pandemic, this ministry has been on hold, and no deliveries have been made. Recently, there has been an increase in demand for food and other items, since the extra unemployment subsidies expired. Currently, there is a need for personal care items (toothbrushes, toothpaste, bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper,, and baby wipes). These items are particularly important as they are expensive and cannot be purchased with food stamps. To meet this need, the following drop-off event is planned from 9am-12pm on September 26. Volunteers will be at the main portico to collect contributions in a "no contact" fashion, so donors will not have to leave their vehicles. Questions? Contact Ann Hatfield.

Thrift Shop September Update

The Westminster Thrift Shop sustained considerable damage during the torrential rainfall several weeks ago. The cleanup continues as we meet the challenges of working with contractors time schedules. We have come to truly understand the meaning of the word “Patience” even more so now than since mid-March when the thrift shop first closed its doors. Please keep all of us involved in the thrift shop ministry in your prayers so we will be able to reopen soon, and continue our mission of supporting the local community.

WPC Nonprofit Partner: Migrant Ministry

The Chester County Migrant Ministry is a non-profit Christian ministry serving the immigrant community in Chester County and the surrounding area. They share the love of Jesus by offering assistance with immigration services, citizenship classes, a Christmas for Migrants program, blankets, coats, health kits, distribution of food baskets and many other services through the generosity of their various church supporters. 
Since Covid-19, Migrant Ministries has been putting forth its best efforts to continue its normal routine. Despite closing down for 6 weeks, they have still helped many immigrants in the surrounding areas. However, with new restrictions, they can only see about 5 clients everyday and their citizenship classes have gone from about 20 people to 5 people due to the in-person restrictions. Additionally, they can no longer take walk-ins; everyone who comes in has to have an appointment.  
During the pandemic, the Westminster Men’s Gathering provided Easter baskets to Migrant Ministries for the children involved in the process. The months following the outbreak of Covid-19 were extremely rough for the kids and the Easter baskets provided a much-needed positive reinforcement for them. Westminster also provided a fund for new computers for Migrant Ministries, which is very beneficial to them right now, since so many services are online.  
Migrant Ministries continues to rely greatly on support from churches in the community. The pandemic affected some of the client donations and reduced financial help from some local churches. If you feel compelled to help this critical ministry to many of the poorest of the poor in our community, the leadership of Migrant Ministry is asking for both prayer and also financial support in the form of gift cards. Questions? Contact Ann Hatfield.

Live Stream Bloopers Second Edition

Over the course of the summer, we have had several bloopers either live or while recording parts of the service ahead of time. Enjoy the second edition of a few memorable Westminster bloopers. Missed the first edition of our blooper reel in June? Click here to watch the first edition.

Jeans for Broad Street!

The clothing closet has just re-opened at Broad Street Ministry. Westminster is collecting new and gently used blue jeans on Sunday, September 13th, right outside the front entrance from 4-6pm. There will be several people available to collect the jeans as you drive by. As always, men’s jeans are needed more than women’s. Questions? Contact Laureen Smith.

WPC Nonprofit Partner: Good Neighbors

Good Neighbors continues in its mission to restore hope for low-income homeowners by repairing their homes and is busier than ever as the effects of this pandemic play out in society. Lower income families are hardest hit by the current problems. Many have lost their jobs and their health care, few can work at home, and many have become infected. All this means that whatever small funds have come their way has been used for medical bills, food and transportation so serious home safety repairs have to wait.
To help these families, Good Neighbors has done emergency repairs in the spring with in-house workers and has repaired many homes this summer using volunteer families and church groups. After one local man was laid off due to the pandemic, his water pump and A/C unit died which had a significant impact on his ill daughter. We were able to quickly install a new pump and A/C unit to get them fresh water and cool air again. We have openings for groups to volunteer, no experience necessary, on Saturdays in the fall. The work is outside and we encourage social distancing as much as possible. We provide masks, gloves and all the tools and materials. Click here to make a donation or volunteer to help at Good Neighbors.