Finding Hope: Loss & Grief Class

"Ann and Colleen do an amazing job with the Grief & Loss class that helps people cope better when they experience loss. Through this class, I learned much about grieving and how I had been affected by loss throughout my life. Ann and Colleen create a sense of community with members of the class so we can share our feelings and help others with their journeys of loss. Everyone should take this class as we all will experience loss at some point in our lives. ” - Carolyn

There are many types of loss and all are unique. Together we will explore different types of loss, as we gain a deeper understanding of the grieving process. In our six weeks together, we will use a Christian-based, educational and supportive curriculum within a safe private environment led by Pastor Ann Hatfield and trained volunteers, guest speakers, and former class participants.

For more information or details on the next class contact Ann Hatfield.

Topics Covered Will Include the Following

  • Understanding the “grief cycle” and its impact.
  • Learning types of loss.
  • Discovering ways to manage the loss.
  • Responding to others as you grieve.
  • Learning the physical symptoms of grief.
  • Meeting others who are also grieving.
  • Attending follow up opportunities for continued support.
  • Hearing stories from others who have walked the journey through grief.
  • Reading scripture about Jesus’ teachings of his loss and the hope of God’s promise.