Westminster's Preschool

Westminster’s Preschool believes that early childhood education should be a time of fun, warmth, security, exploration, and discovery. By providing a stimulating environment and a nurturing atmosphere, our highly qualified staff members focus on developing the whole child and strive to provide the necessary skills for families and children to have a smooth transition into the elementary school years. Our preschool program helps the children grow socially and emotionally, intellectually, physically and in their faith development. 

2022-2023 Westminster's Preschool Classes

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child in one of our preschool classes at Westminster’s Preschool for the 2022-2023 school year.  We are excited and hopeful to be able to fill our classrooms with the wonderful sounds of children learning, laughing and playing.

Please contact the preschool if you have any questions at preschool@westminsterpc.org.

2 1/2 Year Old Class

* Children must turn 2 by March 1, 2022 

9:15-11:45 am Tues & Thurs

Young 3 Year Old Class

* Children must turn 3 by December 31, 2022 

9am - 12pm Mon & Wed

3 Year Old Class

* Children must be 3 by September 1, 2022

9 am-12 pm Tues & Thurs 
9 am-12 pm Mon, Tues, & Thurs 
9 am-12 pm Tues, Thurs, & Fri 
9 am-12 pm Mon, Wed & Fri 

PreK 4 Year Old Class

*Children must be 4 by September 1, 2022

9 am-12 pm Mon, Wed & Fri 
9 am-12 pm Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri 
9 am-12 pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri

PreK 4/5 Year Old Class

 *Children must be 4 by February 1, 2022

9 am-12 pm Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs 

Extended Day Options

* Available for children in the 3 Year Old, 4 Year Old or PreK classes

One Day Option: 12-2pm Mondays or Wednesdays or Fridays (for 3/4/5 year olds)

PreK Two Day Option: 12-2pm Tues & Thurs (for PreK 4 and PreK 4/5)

A Typical Day:

  • Circle Time: flag salute, calendar, weather, songs and finger plays
  • Free Play: puzzles, play dough, games, toys
  • Arts & Crafts: coloring, painting, cutting, gluing, matching
  • Snack Time: juice and/or water and a peanut free snack
  • Play Centers: dress-ups, dolls, sand table, Legos, play kitchen, cars and trucks, puppet theater, workbench, Legos
  • Small Motor Activities: markers, crayons, paintbrushes, stencils, scissors, glue
  • Large Motor Activities: balls, tumbling equipment, riding toys, climbing apparatus on our playground or in our indoor play room
  • Academic Readiness Activities: alphabet, math and handwriting activities, puzzles, matching games, rhyming

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Communication with Parents

Communication with our families is an integral part of our preschool experience. We provide:

  • A Parent Handbook
  • Orientation Sessions
  • Monthly Newsletters and Calendars
  • Daily “Today’s Happenings” Outside Each Classroom
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Written Child Assessments
  • Questions? Contact the preschool office

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