Westminster Thrift Shop’s Mission is to provide quality, recycled merchandise at affordable prices to local families; to care for creation by providing an outlet for recycled goods. It was opened in the borough of West Chester in 1990 for the purpose of raising money to support the building fund for a new church building to be built on Pleasant Grove Road, just south of West Chester. Shortly after the first contribution was made, Session approved a motion to divide all contributions evenly between mission and the building fund. Today, all donated funds go to the Thrift Shop outreach fund. Over the course of a season, approximately 50 volunteers provide about 4,500 hours of service. 

Resolutions, Snowbirds, Donations

Resolutions: Did you know that the tradition of making a New Year’s resolution goes back to the Babylonians in 2000 B.C.? Will you be one of the 50% in the country who will make a New Year’s resolution? Doing more exercise, and weight loss are the top two resolutions. If you are considering the latter, the thrift shop can help you through the transition with a new wardrobe. Our racks have fashionable, trendy, and designer brand women’s clothing, from size 2 Petite to 2XL, and at affordable prices. Handmade artisan and designer jewelry, an important wardrobe accessory, will complete your outfit. For the men, dress and casual shirts, designer slacks, and winter coats in many styles.

Snowbirds: If you are a Snowbird, headed to a warmer climate for the winter, make the thrift shop one of your stops before traveling south. Besides a transitional wardrobe, we have puzzles and games for brain activity, lots of yarn and fabric for creativity projects, and photo albums for those memorable moments.

Donations: If you have been focusing on cleaning and sorting, the thrift shop is now accepting seasonal donations from church members. Donations from non-church members will be accepted in the near future and will be noted on here. An appointment is necessary, please see the NEW DONATION GUIDELINES. The thrift shop’s NEW BUSINESS HOURS and WORKDAY for 2021 are listed below. Your donations are very much appreciated and help us continue our mission of supporting many worthy community and world-wide organizations.

An Invitation: May Peace, Joy and Good Health be with you in the New Year. If you have previously visited the thrift shop, we welcome you back, if you have not, we invite you to visit with us and see what treasure awaits you.



543-545 E. Gay Street  
Units 22 & 23
West Chester, PA 19380
Telephone: 610-692-9298

Business Hours 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 10am - 3pm
Saturdays: 9am - 12pm 
CLOSED: Thursdays & Sundays


Monday: 9am - 3pm 

Did You Know? 

Your donation to the Westminster Thrift Shop has supported 46 various community and international organizations in the 30 years since the thrift shop opened its doors. This year alone the Westminster Thrift Shop Mission Fund has donated funds to: Broad St. Ministry, Community Volunteers in Medicine, DVCCC, Family Promise, Safe Harbor, West Chester Food Cupboard, and the West Chester Senior Center.