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New Journey Class Begins: Forgiveness Finding Peace through Letting Go

New Journey Class Begins: Forgiveness Finding Peace through Letting Go
10:45 am Sundays Jan. 9 - 23 • Hybrid Zoom & Spellman Jr.
In Forgiveness: Finding Peace through Letting Go, Adam Hamilton reminds us about the importance of reconnecting the broken pieces of our lives, but show how the process of grace and forgiveness is possibly our most complete picture of God. In his warm relatable style, Hamilton leads us through the challenges that come with learning to forgive and ask forgiveness. Freedom, grace, reconciliation, and joy are all promised to those who embrace forgiveness. Participants are encouraged to read a copy of the book, Forgiveness along with the DVD series. Even without the book, all are welcomed to join in all or any sessions as able. Click here to attend via Zoom. Questions? Contact Jennie Clark.