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March General Fund Financial Snapshot

"Either we’re not effective budgeters or the Spirit is doing some magical things. I caution excessive optimism as we have had a record number of pledges paid in full. Our non-pledged giving is 46% ahead of First Quarter, 2023. We set an aggressive goal of $300k for the year and are already at 29% of the budget for the year. One area that has not performed is our per capita income. These are the dues our members pay to Donegal Presbytery for all the good work they and the larger church do to support our congregationThe per capita is $38 per member this year, and we’re 28% below budget YTD. Our annual revenue budget for this category is $25k, so if you haven’t already paid your share, we encourage you to help make up this shortfall.
While expenses have been held in check, we expect increases in the coming months for HVAC and Personnel. We must invest in a new HVAC controls system. The Personnel budget will be stressed in the second half of the year as we look to add a PT Finance Assistant, a position we held off hiring to save money. Jennie Moffitt graciously agreed to take on that role in addition to her normal duties in the front office. The office responsibilities however have increased considerably which has impacted on her ability to perform the finance office needs." - Gerry McShane, Church Administrator

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