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Jackie Steinmetz

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Meg Audevard

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Megan Potts

Jackie Steinmetz - Director of Preschool
Phone: 610.399.3377 x116

Jackie Steinmetz grew up in Morton, PA, and graduated from Ridley High School.  She earned a B.S. in elementary education from Mansfield State College and took post graduate courses at Temple University and Penn State University. She became a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church in 1981 and has served as a Sunday school teacher, Vacation Bible School Preschool director, Christian Education committee member, deacon, and Chancel Choir member. She’s also been a part of two different church dinner groups for more than 35 years. As the chairperson of the preschool board, Jackie started Westminster’s Preschool in January 1994, and in 1998 she became the school’s director.

Jackie and her husband, Chip, have been married for 44 years and have two daughters and four grandchildren. She and Chip now live with two cats, Thumbs and Lexi, but have cared for many other cats over the years--mostly Siamese. During her free time, Jackie loves to go to her grandchildren’s sporting events, read, exercise, and spend happy times with her staff members at the preschool.

Meg Audevard - Assistant Director

Meg is the Assistant Director and teacher for the 3-year-old T/Th class. 

Megan Potts - Preschool Director
Phone: 610-399-3377 ext.116

Before joining Westminster in 2022, Megan worked for Trinity Academy, The Malvern School and Living Water Christian School in Director and Teacher positions. She graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development and Family Studies, and is currently pursuing a M.Ed in Early Childhood Education at Arcadia University. She grew up in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. Megan and Michael live in Downingtown, and have five children: Gwenivere, Gracelynn, Blair, Brent and Brianna.  They also have two dogs and five chickens.  When not working, Megan enjoys being outdoors- hiking kayaking and exploring new places.

Young 3 Year Old Class

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Jen Zarelli

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Angela Boyd

Jen Zarelli - Young 3 Year Old Class Teacher
Phone: 610.399.3910

Jen teaches the Young 3 Year Old Class. 

Angela Boyd - Young 3 Year Old Teacher's Aide
Phone: 610.399.3910

Angela is the Teacher's Aide for the Young 3 Year Old Class.

3 Year Old Classes

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Molly Bugbee

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Ann Marie Kelly

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Janice Walton

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Angela Boyd

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Anne Cassidy

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Meg Audevard

Molly Bugbee - 3 Year Old Teacher
Phone: 610.399.3910

Molly is the teacher for the 3 year old Tuesday/Thursday/Friday class and the 3/4/5 year old Tuesday/Thursday extended day class. 

Ann Marie Kelly - 3 Year Old Teacher
Phone: 610.399.3910

Ann Marie is the Teacher for the 3 year old Monday/Tuesday/Thursday Class. 

Janice Walton - 3 Year Old Teacher
Phone: 610.399.3910

Janice teaches the 3 Year Old Monday/Wednesday/Friday Class and the 3/4/5 year old Monday/Wednesday Extended Day Class.

Angela Boyd - 3 Year Old Teacher's Aid

Angela is the Teacher's Aide for the 3 Year Old Tuesday/Thursday/Friday Class. 

Anne Cassidy - Teacher Aide

Anne is the Teacher Aid for the 3-year-old M/W/F class. 

Meg Audevard - 3 Year Old Teacher

Meg is the Teacher for the 3-year-old T/Th class.

PreK 4 Year Old Classes

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Liz Dieperink

Cindi Finnegan.jpg

Cindi Finnegan

Rachel Hillworth.jpg

Rachel Hillworth

Suzanne Perkins.jpg

Susanne Perkins

Stephanie Piccini.png

Stephanie Piccini

Candy Anderson.png

Candy Anderson

Liz Dieperink - 4 Year Old Teacher
Phone: 610.399.3910

Liz teaches the 4 Year Old Monday-Thursday Morning Class and the 4 Year Old Monday-Thursday Afternoon Class. 

Cindi Finnegan - 3 & 4 Year Old Teacher
Phone: 610.399.3910

Cindi teaches the 3 year old Tuesday/Thursday class and the 4 Year Old Monday/Wednesday/Friday Morning Class. 

Rachel Hillworth - 4 Year Old Teacher
Phone: 610.399.3910

Rachel teaches the 4 Year Old Tuesday-Friday Class.

Susanne Perkins - 4 Year Old Tuesday-Friday Morning Teacher's Aide
Phone: 610.399.3910

Suzanne is the Teacher's Aide for the 4 Year Old Tuesday-Friday Morning Class. 

Stephanie Piccini - Teacher Aid

Stephanie is the teacher's aide for the PreK 4 year old Monday-Thursday class. 

Candy Anderson - Teacher Aide

Candy is the Teacher's Aid for the Pre-K 4-year-old M/W/F class. 

PreK 4/5 Class

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Brenda Lehman

Meghan Edwards.png

Meghan Edwards

Brenda Lehman - PreK Teacher
Phone: 610.399.3910

Brenda teaches the PreK Monday-Thursday class. 

Meghan Edwards - Teacher Aide

Meghan is the Teacher Aide for the Pre-K 4/5-year-old class M-Th.