Young 3 year-old Class 

9 a.m - 12 p.m. two days per week 

* Children must be turning 3 by December 31, 2022

  • This preschool class is designed for the older 2-year-old child on the verge of turning 3 and for young 3-year-olds who are ready and able to be away from his/her parent for a longer period of time. Children do not have to be toilet trained but must provide necessary diapering supplies.
  • Classes are held Monday and Wednesday.
  • Class size is 10 - 12 children and is staffed by a college certified teacher and a teacher’s aide.

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3 year--old Classes

Two or Three Days per Week

* Children must be 3 by September 1, 2022

  • The 2-day class is designed for the younger three-year-old who is experiencing his/her first time away from a parent.
  • The 3-day classes are designed for the older three-year-old who has had a previous preschool experience.
  • Children do not have to be toilet trained, but must be actively attempting to accomplish this skill. Parents must provide diapering supplies as needed.
  • Class sizes are 12 - 14 children. All classes are staffed by a college certified teacher and teacher’s aide.

Two Day Class:

  • 9am - 12pm Tuesday and Thursday  

Three Day Classes:  

  • 9am – 12pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 
  • 9am - 12pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday 

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