*Children Enrolled in 3 Year-Old or PreK Classes

  • These classes are designed to complement your child’s morning preschool class. The children will participate in music, cooking, drama, science experiments, playtime, art, exploring different countries and special events.
  • Class size is 12 - 14 children and is staffed by a college certified teacher and teacher’s aide.
  • A family may choose to enroll in more than one Extended Day option as long as it coincides with your child's regular preschool day).  For example, a child enrolled in M-TH classes could enroll in M/W, T/Th Extended Day classes and Friday Fun Day.
  • Registration is on-going, according to space availability and your child’s readiness for a longer school day.
  • All children must be fully potty trained to enroll in an Extended Day class.

One Day Option

  • 12-2pm each Monday OR each Wednesday OR each Friday for 3/4/5 year olds

PreK Two Day Option

  • 12-2pm Tuesday and Thursday for PreK 4 and PreK 4/5 only