06/26/22 - New Members Class

Time: 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM


Inquirer/New Member Class

Membership is often a natural next step for those who have already attended our church and begun to explore our ministries.  Joining a church is not like joining a club.  There are no dues or secret handshakes.  The only requirement is a profession of belief in Jesus Christ.  Whether you are proclaiming this belief for the first time or restating your commitment along with a letter of transfer from a former church, we rejoice with you!

Our Inquirer/New Member Class prepares you for this life-changing proclamation.  Our goals for the Inquirer/New Member Class are to increase our awareness and understanding of:

  • The central beliefs of the Christian faith
  • The Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church

The class provides opportunities for:

  • Making or deepening commitment to Jesus Christ
  • Making friends within the class and within the larger Westminster community
  • Making commitment to specific connections with Westminster

New members will be welcomed during worship the following Sunday.