February 4, 2021

Sue Spotts 

Dear Westminster Family & Friends,

Thank You…

It is With Deep Gratitude and a Heart filled with Abundant Love that I offer the below Thanksgiving Prayer by Joyce Rupp. Thank you... ​ for your friendships over the years, your generous gifts of the ​Prayer Labyrinth​ and the monetary ​Love Gift​ in honor of my retirement as the Director of Children and Family Ministry.

Imagine that we are gathered together around a massive table celebrating life together...

Thank You, Loving Creator…

~ for family and friends who gather in person or in spirit around our Thanksgiving Table.
~ for those who have gone before us in death, for good memories and kinship with them.
~ for being our Inner Light, our Guiding Radiance, our Unending Source of Goodness.
~ for food, shelter, clothing, and for the abundance we have beyond what we basically need.
~ for disturbing us, challenging us, urging us by Your grace to grow deeper and more whole.
~ for the wealth of relationships, for the treasure of being able to love and to be loved.
~ for what we have that we most take for granted, and would sorely miss if it were not ours.
~ for the amazing gift of our life, for the complexity and beauty of the human person.
~ for the magnificence of our universe and the nurturing gift of our planet.

Thank You, Loving Creator, for, oh, so much more:
~ sleep that restores, prayer that strengthens, friendship that comforts, laughter that releases, tears that heal, hearts and bodies that mend, minds that find meaning, arms that embrace…
Together may our lives continually reveal our gratitude by the generous way we share what we have graciously received and may we continue to Glorify God as we seek to Love God and to Love our neighbors.

Thank You, Westminster Sisters & Brothers in Christ…
~ for these past sixteen years of ministry and life together… a true Gift of Love!

What’s next​…
time with my grandchildren (pictured here) Harper, Campbell, and Hudson; Travel with family and friends; Prayer walks in the woods and parks; reading, gardening, and simplifying for this next season of life...

January 2021 finds me participating in another long term program with a cohort from around North America through Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation: Transforming Communities through Contemplative Prayer Groups and Retreats.
Looking forward to what God surprises us with in this next season of our lives!

God’s Blessings of Grace & Peace,
Your Sister in Christ - Sue (aka Miss Sue & Mrs Spotts)