March 10, 2020

Rachel Boorse

Westminster Youth


My name is Rachel Boorse, and I am a senior at Unionville High School. I have been attending Westminster my entire life from the time I was baptized to now. Westminster has helped me grow as a whole person - especially my faith.  Through Westminster, I have been able to form a strong relationship and connection with God. 

My time at Westminster started with my participation in Vacation Bible School when I was a child. Through Sue Spotts’ facilitation of the program, I was able to learn about God and was introduced about his amazing acts through Bible stories. I’m proud to say that I now am a crew leader for VBS every summer, hoping to make the same impact, and create the same excitement, I felt on the kids in my crew. 

I continued to get involved at the church whether it was through KidsJAM or Sunday School. When I got my third grade Bible, I remember being so excited to find my highlighted passage from Pastor Don. But, I didn’t find it at church. When I finally found it while laying on my living room floor, I was amazed to find that I could really relate to the passage: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” I loved that I could easily understand the meaning behind this important scripture. I continue to live by these words even years after I first found them highlighted in my Bible.

When I made it to middle school, I joined the Youth Group. I was immediately welcomed into an amazing group of youth of all ages who I knew always had my back, and met some wonderful adults who shared their time helping with Youth Group each week.  I’m happy to say that some of my closest friends are these people. They always welcomed me with open arms, allowing me to be myself and have honest conversations about how I was feeling about middle and later high school and the events that go along with those years. I am so grateful that I was able to find comfort in the presence of not only God, but also of those extremely special people. I joined the Hospitality Committee at Youth Group, where I was able to extend that same warmth and kindness to new kids who need it.

Through my participation in Youth Group, I felt called to become more involved by helping people. During the summers, I went on Mission trips that we offered including Pittsburgh Project, the Intergenerational Washington DC trip, the Philly Project, and Estado 29. Each trip gave me incredible experiences and opportunities to reflect on what I had learned from the people I had met. During each of  these trips, I felt the presence of God and knew that I was able to extend His love to the people we were serving on that trip. But I didn’t just stop at that. I joined the Youth Vision team, the Endowment Committee, and volunteered in the Nursery. By being on these boards and volunteering, I was able to further help my community with God’s help. 

Therefore, I happily encourage anyone interested - youth and adults - to get involved in the youth program at Westminster. While we might not have the same experiences, we would love to talk and learn about your experiences and strengthen the connection between people of all ages in the church. Plus, we have a lot of fun! 

Wesley Flynn and I will be preaching this upcoming Sunday for Youth Sunday. We are excited to see you there!