02/05/23 - The Emotions of God

Time: 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM


Does God have feelings?  Join Dr. Anne Stewart, Ph.D. Associate Vice President of Communication and Deputy to the President at Princeton Theological Seminary in this two-week class to discuss the witness of Scripture making known God’s character not only by what God thinks but by what God feels: including love, anger, grief, and delight. In this class we will seek to better know the mind and the heart of God through exploring some of the Bible’s most interesting and vexing texts about God’s emotions. Together we will seek to better understand God and ourselves, people made to think and feel in God’s own image. Click here to attend via zoom.


February 5    Session 1: Love, Compassion, and Joy 

The Old Testament suggests that God’s emotional life is complex, yet characterized most often by love and compassion.  This week we’ll explore the character of God’s emotions in several central texts of the Old Testament.  


February 12 Session 2: Hate, Anger, and Sorrow 

It’s not all sunshine and roses in the emotional life of God.  This week we’ll explore texts that point to the complex emotions of hatred, anger, jealousy, sorrow, and grief in the way that God relates to humans.


February 19  No Class