04/05/20 - Sunday Evening Prayer

Time: 5:00 PM - 5:30 PM


Westminster friends: Join Pastor Jon for Weekly Sunday Evening Prayer beginning tonight at 5pm on Zoom as well as streaming on Facebook and Youtube. Find the meeting link and ID number below.

This brief (30 minutes max) service will generally follow the PCUSA's book of daily prayer, which include responses, Scripture readings, prayer and song. If you join by Zoom, you will have the chance to participate by offering up your own prayers of thanksgiving and intercession.

If you plan to use Zoom, you should download it ahead of time on your computer (Click here) Alternatively, you can download it on your mobile device in your respective app store or marketplace.
Click here to join the worship service or enter meeting ID:

Meeting ID: 719 816 194

If you’ve never used Zoom but are comfortable using Facebook and/or Youtube, it might be less stressful to stream on the church’s Facebook page or Youtube page.