Rooted: A Study of Colossians: Summer Teaching/Preaching Series

This summer we are doing a deep dive into the letter to the Colossians.  Through preaching and teaching, we will examine the different authorities that impinge upon our lives. Some of these authorities are obvious and some are more subtle in the unexamined assumptions we hold. Through the letter to the Colossians, we will consider what authority Jesus Christ brings to these other authorities in our lives.  We will explore how the authority of Jesus Christ frees us from coercive authorities in our lives that we may need to question. Each week we will offer a sermon and a Journey class on a text from Colossians. The Journey classes will be held in the Chapel at 9:45am.

July 14: “To the Saints and Faithful” (Col 1:1-14)  
Don Lincoln is teaching / Jon Frost is preaching

July 21: “The Image of the Invisible God” (Col. 1:15-23)  
Chris Clark is teaching / Don Lincoln is preaching

July 28 “Rejoicing in My Sufferings” (Col. 1:24-2:5)  
Ann Hatfield is teaching / Jennie Clark is preaching

August 4 “Rooted and Built Up in Christ” (Col. 2:6-23)  
Bill Fry is teaching / Don Lincoln is preaching

August 11 “Seeking Things from Above” (Col. 3:1-11)  
Joe Pennington is teaching / Ann Hatfield is preaching

August 18 “Clothing Ourselves” (Col. 3:12-4:1)  
Jennie Clark is teaching / Don Lincoln is preaching

August 25 “Final Thoughts” (Col. 4:2-18) 
Jon Frost is teaching / Don Lincoln is preaching