Holy Week Labyrinth

The labyrinth will be set up during Holy Week in Spellman Hall.  All are invited to walk the labyrinth. This is an opportunity to reflect upon Jesus and the events of this week that lead to the cross.  Walking the labyrinth is prayer in motion. Walking invites us to open to God who is on the journey with us. Finger labyrinths are available for those who have difficulty walking. There will also be stations around the outer perimeter of the labyrinth for reflection. There is a special Scripture and reflection for each day of Holy Week. 

Labyrinth Schedule

Palm Sunday, April 14            8 AM – 7:30 PM

Monday, April 15                     8 AM – 9 PM

Tuesday, April 16                     8 AM – 9 PM

Wednesday, April 17                8 AM – 9 PM

Maundy Thursday, April 18     8 AM – 9 PM

Good Friday, April 19                8 AM – 1:30 PM

Holy week is the most beautiful and the most important of the church year. It is the drama of our salvation and our life. It is also a week of profound renewal. We renew our baptismal life as we see again the battle that God in Christ wins against all the powers of darkness and destruction in our world and in our lives.

A meaningful way of praying this week is simply to follow it. All we have to do in our prayer is be open and receptive, content to follow and to receive what God chooses to give us. In this way our prayer enters into the way Christ lives . He allows himself to be taken on a journey by the Father. Thy will be done. So let scripture and reflections take you on this road. Be attentive to it. Notice its details. Entrust yourself to it.