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Children & Families Email List

Our Director of Children & Family Ministries, Jill Reichert, sends out seasonal newsletters and weekly (ish) email updates to keep you informed about what is happening in Children & Family Ministries. If you and your children (or grandchildren!) are connected to Westminster, but you are not receiving the regular email contacts from Jill, one of two things may be happening: our emails may be going to your junk folder. Please check for them there and mark the emails as “Not Junk." You also may not yet be on the email list, and we need to add you. Let’s get all of our children, parents/guardians, and grandparents in the loop! By the same token, if you are receiving them and the content no longer applies to you and your family for any reason, please let us know that, as well. Contact Jill Reichert to get connected.