Rooted in Story and Reaching Out

The story of our logo: As children of the greatest story ever told, we are rooted in the immense love of God, a love which came to life in Jesus Christ. We serve out of gratitude for that unimaginable story of grace. That is what compels us, where we are nourished for service. We reach into the brokenness and darkness of our world, constantly under-girded by that story. But serving God isn't just about going out and doing. Loving our neighbor for God is about relationships—about answering a call to tangle our stories with the stories of others . . . to listen, to hear, to tell, to understand our world, our neighbor and our God better because we know more about the story.

Anyone who volunteers through Outreach, receives a t-shirt with this logo. The shirts serve as a reminder of our methodology of mission. And they're also pretty stylish. Don't have an outreach t-shirt yet? Click here to find your next volunteer opportunity! 

As you wear your shirts out into the world, may you go forth, not just to do but to open yourselves to the God-inspired moments of greater understanding that only come with pausing to share stories. (Hairnets not included :)