WPC Podcast January 2015 - 1/26/15
On this episode hear portions of the faith statements shared by incoming elders and deacons at a joint meeting of the session and deacons on January 12.  Also, hear a sneak peak of one of the tracks off of the upcoming album recorded by Pastor Jon Frost and the contemporary worship band.  Enjoy!


WPC Podcast Episode 1.1 - 9/20/13
On this episode we have a round table talk about children's ministry at Westminster.  We look back at this past year's VBS, reveal the theme for next year, and talk about fall children's ministry opportunities.

WPC Podcast Episode 1.2 - 9/24/13
On this episode we highlight the youth ministry of Westminster.  We'll chat with Greg Klimovitz, youth director, about the Imago Dei youth ministry, hear from some of the participants of this past summer's trips, and catch a glimpse about what's coming up this fall.

WPC Podcast Episode 1.3 - 9/25/13
On this episode we highlight the outreach ministry of Westminster, specifically this past summer's intergenerational trips to the Estado 29 orphanage and Washington, DC.  Also, we chat with Associate Pastor Shelli Latham about Outreach Sunday coming up on October 6.

WPC Podcast Episode 1.4
- 10/10/13
On this episode we highlight the Taize services at Westminster, which happen the first Sunday of the month at 5:00 p.m. in the Chapel.  We'll hear from the musicians of that service both in spoken word and in live recordings of some of the Taize music.

WPC Podcast Episode 1.5 - 10/21/13
On this episode we sit down with Pastor Gary ArnTessoni and Leslie Wehr, both of whom are in leadership for the Celebrate Recovery ministry.  They go in depth as to what that ministry is, address questions people often have about it, and share some of the amazing stories of what God is doing.

WPC Podcast Episode 1.6
- 11/27/13
On this Advent preview episode, we talk through what the Advent/Christmas season holds for Westminster with pastors Don Lincoln and Gary ArnTessoni, as well as children's ministry director Sue Spotts, music director Bob Morris, and youth director, Greg Klimovitz.  Hear what these fine folks love about the season, hear about important events in December, and get some recommendations on practices to grow your faith in Advent.

WPC Podcast January 2014 - 1/22/14
On this episode we bring you portions of the faith statements shared at this month's joint meeting of elders and deacons.  Listen through to the end for an appeal from host Jon Frost as well.  Enjoy!

WPC Podcast February 2014 - 2/28/14
On this episode we'll hear from the individuals who traveled to Honduras this past December as part of an assessment trip for our Living Waters project.  Also, we'll hear about the Celtic symbol of the Holy Spirit from a special guest from Scotland.  Enjoy!

WPC Podcast March 2014 - 3/14/14
On this episode we chat with Graham Fender-Allison, a worship development worker in the Church of Scotland, about the theological significance of the Celtic cross.  Also, Don Lincolln, Bob Morris, and Jon Frost talk about the Lenten season at Westminster.

WPC Podcast April 2014 - 4/29/14
On this episode we talk with Greg Klimovitz, youth director, and Laura Griffith, a parent of youth, about the movie Noah.  Also, we hear from participants on the women's retreat about their weekend together.  Enjoy!

WPC Podcast May 2014 - 5/28/14
On this episode we chat with two recent confirmands about their Credo experience, two recent chancel choir retirees about their experience, and sneak peak a great event coming up on June 6 celebrating our partnership with the Estado 29 orphanage.

WPC Podcast September 2014 - 9/22/14
On this episode we chat with Greg Klimovitz, youth director, and Will Abbott, our new youth intern, about youth ministry at WPC this fall.  Also, we hear from Bob Sumner and Mike Tysowsky about Serving at the Crossroads, an amazing organization that recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

WPC Podcast October 2014 - 10/23/14
On this episode we hear about each of our summer mission trips from participants of those trips.  Hear about the Estado 29 orphanage, the Philly Project, DC Intergenerational trip, high school Honduras partnership, and the Living Waters Honduras trip.