CREDO Confirmation Class

CREDOCREDO is a discipleship program available to all youth who will be entering grades eight through twelve.  CREDO seeks to engage youth in discovering what it means to be a follower of and profess faith in Jesus Christ as well as becoming a member of God's church.  The format is based on small group mentoring, a web based-curriculum, families, worship, and missional engagement.  It is our hope and prayer that youth who participate in this program, from September through May, will develop a better understanding of their faith in Jesus and the beauty found in being connected to a local church. Youth who complete the CREDO class will be commissioned as members of Westminster Presbyterian Church.



The Philadelphia Project: Confirmation as Mission and Service // February 3-5, 2017

Payment due January 15, 2017


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As a part of the confirmation program, youth are required to participate in a weekend of mission and service alongside their peers in CREDO and other local congregations. 

A full payment of $75 is due to the church office by January 15, 2017.  Checks payable to Westminster Presbyterian Church and add "CREDO Philly Project" to memo line.


More details about The Philadelphia Project will be shared at the lunch on January 18, 2017 at 12:30 p.m. 

What is The Philadelphia Project?  Click for Informational Brochure


"The Philadelphia Project is a Christian non-profit organization committed to the holistic development of the neighboring community in partnership with the local church...We seek to accomplish our mission through the creation of a vibrant, engaging, and safe community center as well as providing service opportunities caring for the homes of the elderly, poor, single-parent and those plagued by hardships. The Philadelphia Project offers a unique and powerful service and mission trip for youth groups. We challenge youth to serve whole-heartedly in our community and to think critically about how God’s Word speaks to social and spiritual issues. Our prayer is that God uses these experiences to make an eternal impact on youth and those they serve, as well as a visible impact offering hope and restoration to our community...We believe in relationships: 100% of the service your youth are involved in is a direct result of the continued ministry of Mount Airy Presbyterian Church (PCUSA). We are committed to building meaningful relationships with those in need in order to accomplish many different Christ-centered goals. Philadelphia is our home and we serve here all year long."



Lessons for Spiritual Formation and Missional Living

The lessons below are an interactive means to spiritual formation within the CREDO program.  Click on the links below for a PDF of the lesson.  Read through the whole lesson and ponder the questions in red.  Make sure to read all the Scriptures and to print out and complete the Student Response Sheet to be brought with you at your next small group meeting.  We hope this is a meaningful experience for you and are here to support you along the way, so do not hesitate to give us a call or an email with questions, comments, or struggles.

*** Please note that due dates for each lesson may differ from the schedule for small groups ***