Will the Intern On Just Getting Started

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We are beyond grateful that Will Abbot joined our youth ministry team this September.  Will has provided significant support to the administration and program of Imago Dei Youth Ministry! We asked him to write a brief reflection of his first six weeks at Westminster.  You can reach Will at wabbott@westminsterpc.org. His friends refer to him as either "the INTERN" or "Wabbott." 


Since I first started interning with Imago Dei I have found myself consistently using the word “exciting’ as I describe what is going on, what we are planning, and the way I feel about the work I am doing. The excitement that I have has only increased as I have spent more time in the program. Recently I had the privilege of accompanying over 50 youth and 13 adults on our middle school fall retreat and on this trip I was overjoyed to see that the youth here are experiencing the same joy and excitement in the work of Christ that I am. I was delighted to spend time with the young people of the church in many different capacities. Whether throwing a football with some youth, dominating the game 9-square-in-the-air, talking to guys about cars, or sharing some of my life with a few of the youth in conversation and a more formal testimony, it was a pleasure for me to experience the power of the Lord and the church through communion with its members.

Each Sunday I am excited for the joy I will get as I play and sit and talk with the youth of Westminster. Each Sunday is also a chance for me to serve the Lord through leadership and teaching as well as a chance for me to become a better servant of the Lord. I get to learn how to better minister and teach. Each week I get to become more useful to Christ and the church. As I learn more, I can offer more and do more for the young members of the church. This is part of why I am so excited for the future. As I become a better-tuned instrument of God’s work, I will be able to do more beautiful and exciting things.

---Will Abbott


Imago Dei Alumni Interning with Bridge Academy in Coatesville

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Reflections from Yun, graduate of Imago Dei Youth Ministry

Love God. Love your neighbor. Love your neighborhood. Throughout the summer I saw staff, volunteers, students, and parents with t-shirts from the Bridge Academy with this “slogan”. Throughout the summer, I found this was more than just a slogan, but something that the Bridge and the Coatesville community truly believed and strived to follow through with. I learned that the Bridge is more than just a place to keep kids off the streets, a place to be tutored, or another hang out spot. The Bridge is a place full of love that tries to help the whole city of Coatesville be a great environment.

I came to the Bridge the summer of 2013 looking to volunteer somewhere in the summer. When my former youth pastor, Greg, told me about the Bridge, I anticipated a place that would keep children busy with different educational, biblical, and other various activities. On the first day, I realized there was more to the Bridge than just “things to do”. There were genuine relationships that Jordan, Tyler, and TJ had with all of the children and parents that came to the Bridge. After that summer of volunteering, I yearned to build those same relationships with the children who touched my heart.

While I was hoping to stay in DC, I felt that God was calling me back to Coatesville and after contacting Jordan and Tyler I was lucky enough to be able to intern at the Bridge. Right off the bat, I knew that Jordan and Tyler had great plans for the summer, and I was excited to witness and be a part of them, although I was nervous about actually interacting with the kids. In the back of my mind I was hoping I would end up doing office work, but I knew God did not want me in front of a computer all day.

Starting summer programs I slowly began to build relationships with the people involved at the Bridge. I was surprised at how easily both the staff, kids, and other various people that are in and out the Bridge were quick to accept me. I was blessed that camp was so early in the summer (although it was busy getting ready) because during those two weeks of camp I got to see the kids make decisions to follow the Lord, and even saw one camper accept Jesus into her heart. I felt this was only because the Lord worked not only in this camper’s heart but the hearts of the counselors, directors, speaker, and the rest of “Mr. Jack’s” staff to be followers of Jesus Christ and set a good example. I could have not asked for a better start to summer.

As the summer went on I continued to get to know the kids through many ups and downs whether it be trying to convince a middle schooler that reading can be fun, (attempting) to stop fights, or just playing games with everyone. Although I would often be nervous, it was touching to be able to talk to the kids about different aspects of life, community, and God in a very honest way. Throughout this time the Lord’s intentions were very evident. My time at the Bridge ended up being more than helping out at an organization, but God working through both leaders and children to teach all of us and use us for his plan to continue to build a stronger community in Coatesville.


Interested in serving at the Bridge Academy? Email Laura Davis about our last Tuesday/Wednesday opportunities after school: lauragdavis@verizon.net

Also visit www.thebridgeacademy.com 

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