Katie’s Philadelphia Project Reflection

Posted by Will Abbott on OP5er @ 5:19 PM
       I first became involved with Westminster Presbyterian Church in 2011 when I was finishing fifth grade. One of the things that captured my interest was the church’s dedication to projects and events designed to improve the lives of others. After a few years, the opportunity came for me to join the type of project that inspired me when I first came to Westminster. I will remember this experience forever.
    The Philadelphia Project is an organized, multi-church effort to improve the lives of people in the Philadelphia community and build relationships by fixing and restoring their homes. When I agreed to participate in the Philadelphia Project, I did not have very high expectations. My involvement in church activities had been very limited, and I thought this might just be a weekend construction project.
    In reality, my weekend at the Roxborough Presbyterian Church was more fulfilling and rewarding than I ever could have expected. I spent the weekend meeting people who greatly strengthened my faith, while also improving the lives of others by stripping wallpaper, painting houses, and installing insulation. What I thought might be hard work turned out to be a fun collaboration with new friends and an expression of our faith in God.
    The Philadelphia Project exceeded my expectations in every way. I feel we accomplished the Project’s goal of connecting with members of our community, while strengthening our faith and committing our lives to God. As soon as the weekend was over, I started wishing that I could go back again.
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