We are excited to be able to serve you and your youthat Imago Dei Youth Ministry.  We consider ourselves partners with you in the spirtual formation of today's adolescents. When parents and youth ministries work together, youth benefit to the fullest extent and God's kingdom continues to awaken within us and around us.  We have devoted this page to providing you with resources, recommended readings, links, etc.  Please feel free to use them as you feel is most helpful.

Feel free contact Chris Clark to with either further questions, concerns, prayer requests, or availabilities to serve. We would also love to meet with you- particularly over a meal :)  You and your family are in our prayers!



Parent Resources:

 Sunday Night Messages

Sunday Night Messages

Check out what we have been
talking about as a youth ministry. Stay tuned for resources that parallel Sunday night and Sunday mornign conversations



Relevant is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to "God. Life. Progressive Culture."  Inside are articles and interviews about musicians, artists, and those involved in other components of culture.  The magazine also devotes itself to pertinent issues of the Christian faith, current events, and how individuals and the church are living to reflect God's kingdom around the world.  A year's subscription cost roughly $12 and will provide a great resource for you and your teenager.

 The Space Between: A Parent's Guide to Teenage Development

The Space Between: A Parent's Guide to Teenage Development by Walt Mueller, founder of CPYU (above).  This is a helpful and quick resource for parents and their quest to engage in faithful dialogue about their teenage sons and/or daughters. Walt Mueller provides a surface sketch of the stages of development, an emphasis on the value of parental support, and discussions that pertain to the influence of the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, moral, and spiritual changes on their emergence into adulthood.


Death by Suburb

Death by Suburb, by David Goetz, is an excellent book for those struggling to balance the high demands and affluence of the suburbs with the simplistic call of Christ.  The book is designed for the spiritual formation of those living in and sometimes consumed with the pressures of living in today's material and ego-driven society.

Comtemplative Youth Ministry: Practicing the Presence of Jesus

Comtemplative Youth Ministry: Practicing the Presence of Jesus, by Mark Yaconelli, unveils a new paradigm in youth ministry.  Mark speaks of the need to move beyond mimicking the fast paced culture in youth programs and embracing the ancient art of being present with one another and God.  He reminds us of the human need, particulalry evident in adolescents, to find others who will journey with us in life's joys and struggles.  This book is being used as training material for youth workers at Westminster PC.

The Godbearing Life

The Godbearing Life, by Kenda Creasy Dean, speaks of the art of discipleship most enhanced by an emphasis on people versus programs.  She draws our attention in ministry and church back to the person of Jesus and the sweetness of being present and in fellowship with one another.  Ministry is about being Jesus and introducing Him to those around us.





Helpful Websites

The Center for Parent and Youth Understanding

The Center for Parent and Youth Understanding will provide you with excellent updates on adolescent culture, helpful books and other resources which can benefit you as a parent (and us as youth workers, too!).

 Youth Specialties

Youth Specialties is one of the leading publishers in youth related material for spiritual formation.  Their website can provide you with books, media, information on conferences, etc.

 AppleSt (Applied Learning Styles)

AppleSt (Applied Learning Styles), founded by Cynthia Tobias, seeks to assist parents and students in the behavioral and academic components of the adoloscent life.  Check out this website for more information.