Westminster's Preschool

10 West Pleasant Grove Road
West Chester, PA 19382
(610) 399-3910




To Support families in their childrearing efforts by providing a weekday program that promotes a loving, Christian and safe environment in which young children are enabled to develop socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically, as well as encouraged in their faith development.  We provide a community service that includes children of all nationalities, races and religions. 



Our preschool program helps the children grow:

Socially and emotionally by providing an environment that gives them the opportunity to make personal choices, to excercise self-direction and self-control, to practice good manners, to interact with others in a positive way, to communicate effectively, to develop good listening skills, and to gain independence and self-confidence.   We strive to provide the necessary skills for the family and child to have a smooth transition into the elementary school years.

Intellectually by creating an environment where they learn at their own natural pace and are actively involved in age-appropriate activities that include creating, manipulation, observing, experiencing and understanding the world around them.

Physically through a variety of activities that develop small and large motor skills such as cutting, drawing, painting, printing, tracing, gluing, using play dough, experimenting  with sand and water, throwing, catching, climbing and balancing.

In their faith development by providing opportunities to learn about God's love through Bible stories and music during our weekly Chapel Time and by engaging in classroon activities that reinforce Christian values.  Even though our program is Christ-centered, we accept children of all faiths and value their beliefs as part of our learning experience.

A typical day in the classroom includes:

  • Circle time

  • Free play - puzzles, play dough, games, toys

  • Arts & Crafts - coloring, painting, cutting, gluing, matching

  • Snack time - juice and a snack

  • Learning centers

  • Small  and Large motor activities