2018/2019  Enrichment Classes

Lunch Bunch - Lunch Bunch is offered at least per month.  It will be staffed by a teacher and teacher's aid.  The hours for Lunch Bunch are 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm. Children must be in a 3, 4, or PreK program and attend school the same day as the Lunch Bunch program. Pick-up is promptly at 1:30 pm please.  Cost is $12.00 per session and children will bring their own 'nut-free' lunch. Payment must accompany registration form. 

We sometimes offer a Morning Lunch Bunch program.  The hours for this program are 11:30 to 12:30 pm.  Children must be in a 3, 4, or PreK program and attend an Afternoon Preschool class the same day as the Lunch Bunch program.  Cost is $8.00 per session and children will bring their own 'nut-free' lunch.  Payment must accompany registration form.

 Sign up sheets will be placed outside of the Preschool office.  A list of enrichment dates and sign-up postings will be listed outside the preschool office.  Please complete an enrollment form, attach your enrollment fee, and place in the tuition box.  There will be NO REFUNDS unless we can replace your child with someone on the waiting list, or if there are not enough children to hold the class. 


FRIDAY FUN DAY - Friday Fun Day is a preschool enrichment class that will be held every Friday, starting Friday, September 21, 2018 and ending May 24, 2019.  The time for the class is 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. OR  12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m.   Your child does NOT have to be registered in one of our preschool classes to enroll in this enrichment class!

The class is designed to complement the curriculum in our weekly preschool classes, by including fairy tales, nursery rhymes, cooking, games, story time and movement, science, free play and lunch.  

The program is for children attending the following classes:

  • 4 year-old Monday/Wednesday/Friday Morning/Afternoon program
  • 4 year-old Monday thru Thursday Morning program
  • Pre-Kindergarten Morning or Afternoon program
  • Kindergarten Enrichment Morning/Afternoon program
  • Children attending a 4 year-old, PreK or Kindergarten class registered outside of Westminster's Preschool that wish to enroll for an additional day.

The cost for the Friday Fun Day program is $90.00 per month.  Registration for this class is now open for 2015/2016.  You may enroll your child for one month at a time or for the entire year.  If enrolling for the entire year, your monthly amount will be due on or before the first of each month, starting in November.  If enrolling for one month at a time,your payment is due at the time of sign up when the other enrichment class sign-ups are posted on or near the 15th of each month.  Please note, A minimum of 8 children must be enrolled to hold the class,  

Friday Fun Day Registration Form


SOCCER SHOTS PROGRAM - This fun soccer program is administered by DKS Sports Development, LLC.  The Director is Doug Schneider.  This six to eight week program is held on Mondays.  Morning class run from 11:25 - 12:30 pm for our afternoon students to attend before class and from 12:00 - 1:30 pm for our morning students to attend after their regular class.  The morning Soccer Shots session is limited to 16 children and the afternoon session is limited to 21 children.   The eight week Soccer Shots program is $12 per week, made payable directly to Soccer Shots  ($96.00 total) with a $15.00 one-time registration fee.  You must register On-Line with Soccer Shots.   An additional $3.75 /week  ($30.00 total) is made payable to Westminster's Preschool, for our staff member(s) to help your children with the program and to supervise them during the lunch portion of the program. 

Children bring a bagged lunch (no peanut products please due to severe allergies).  Children who attend a regular morning class will be escorted to the lunch room to eat their lunch from 12 noon until 12:30 pm.  At 12:30 pm, the Soccer Shots preschool staff will escort the children to the field area for the program from 12:40 - 1:10pm.  After soccer, the children will be escorted back downstairs to the lunch room where they can get a drink and use the restroom.  Parents will pick up at Room 443 promptly at 1:30.  Children who attend an afternoon class may be dropped off in the upper circle beginning at 11:15.  Class begins promptly at 11:25 - 11:55, where the children will be escorted to the bathrooms and then downstairs to Room 444 to eat lunch from 12:00 - 12:30 pm.  At 12:30, the children will be escorted to their appropriate class car-line where they will greet their teacher and the rest of their class.

The program is designed for  the four-year-old and PreK classes.  Three year old class children may put their names on the waiting list if there are any open spots available.

Soccer Shots Program Registration Form (MUST be completed on-line at http://chester.ssreg.org)

Soccer Shots Westminster Registration Form

BOTH Soccer Shots Registration Forms MUST be completed and accompanied by separate checks please.