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What is a Labyrinth?

A labyrinth has a single, winding, unobstructed path from the outside to the center, unlike a maze, which has many dead ends and wrong choices that are designed to trick the mind. A Labyrinth is often seen as a metaphor for your spiritual life journey - many twists and turns, but no deadends. In other words, we always have the opportunity to make another choice in life or "turn" in the labyrinth.

A tool for meditation and communication with God.

The Labyrinth can help us quiet our mind. As we walk, we seek to know where God is leading. We strive to learn more about ourselves, the spiritual gifts God blesses us with, and how we are to serve His people in the world. As we focus on God's plan and purpose, our walk transforms into a sacred path.

Come Walk the sacred Path

and prepare for Life's Journey.

Opportunities to walk the Labyrinth are listed in the Weekly News & Events.

Learn more about our Labyrinth by downloading this file: Labyrinth Brochure