Spiritual Practices

What is a Spiritual Practice?

Spiritual practices are regular activities, usually founded in Scripture, which are intended to facilitate Spiritual Growth.  As Richard Foster says, “Spiritual disciplines (practices) are a means of receiving God's grace… They allow us to place ourselves before God so God can transform us."  Down through the centuries, Christians have observed certain spiritual practices out of a desire to turn their lives in service over to God and to experience God’s presence. Today there has been a movement to recapture the practices of the ancient church. Whereas in former days, certain disciplines defined a denomination or group, today ancient spiritual practices are crossing denominational lines and finding new audiences. Spiritual practices such as walking a labyrinth, breath prayer, divine reading, Stations of the Cross, and many others, are being taught, reclaimed, and re-energized.

“Do not neglect your soul.”   Thomas A Kempis