Hours & Location

The library is open at all times when the church is open.  Don't hesitate to come in should a meeting be going on as meetings held in the library are not private. 

The library is located just past the church office about midway down the hall.  It’s especially fun to drop by before or after service on a Sunday, or before or after meetings when you have a few minutes to spare. Feel free to browse or to just enjoy a few quiet moments in a peaceful space. Our “picks” are displayed on the tops of all of the bookcases so that’s always a good place for browsers to start.

Book Search

If you know the title or author, search our catalog file.

Helpful tips for searching the catalog file:

  • When you click on the link, you may see a FIND box displayed on the menu bar. If you don’t, use either CNTL F or Edit/Find to open the FIND box. Because the file is large, it’s usually better to enter at least a part of either the title or the author’s last name to search. Keep hitting enter to find the next occurrence, noting your progress through the file (the page numbers on the upper right will keep changing), so that when you get back to “page 1” you will know you have exhausted your search. Alternatively you can just browse by using the scroll bar on the right side.
  • Record the call number of any book you are interested in..
  • Keep in mind that we don't track circulation so the file won't tell you whether or not the book is currently on the shelf.
  • When finished, return to this page by closing the catalog file window.

To look for an item at the church on the library shelf, use its call number.


For browsing, here are a few tips to get started:

  • On the wall to the right is a card catalog that contains most of our books.
  • Next to the card catalog is a bookcase devoted to large print items.
  • The other two bookcases on the right are exclusively for juvenile books.
  • On the wall to the left is a reference section (not to be checked out).
  • Then books are organized by call numbers, beginning from low to high, along the rest of the wall to the left and the back wall.
  • The free-standing bookcases contain fiction, DVD's, and special use collections.
  • Librarian 'picks' and new acquisitions are often displayed on tops of bookshelves.
  • View a diagram of the library to see how it is organized.


Check-Out an Item

You don't need a library card - just follow these instructions:

  • Check-out items are on the desk to the left as you enter.
  • Sign and date the card from the pocket of the item, also noting your phone number (we block out phone numbers when items are returned)
  • File the card by author in either the Juvenile or Adult file.
  • Books are on loan for 3 weeks; DVD's for 1 week.
  • Tuck a slip of paper noting the due date into the item pocket.

Return an Item

Simply drop it in the large wicker basket on the front desk.

Latest News

Your donations of books and DVDs are so very much appreciated!  Thanks to all who have reached out to us with donations of new or gently used items.  It's a joy to see how involved we are in sharing from the heart here at Westminster!

For more information on our library book donation guidelines, click here.