People consider many things when visiting and exploring membership at churches.  The teaching. The music. Age groups. Families. Singles. Opportunities to serve.  What you may be seeking could be dramatically different from the next person - or it could be exactly the same.

We are the church striving to be as God intended - a community of believers who come together to follow the teachings of the Bible and spread the message of Jesus' love.  Along the way, we teach and share.  We sing, cry and laugh.  We roll up our sleeves and get involved.  And sometimes, we're quietly still in the presence of God.

We developed a booklet based on our mission statement at Westminster.  It is called "Membership Matters."  It was written to help all of us think deeply about how we enage in worship, service, spiritual growth, outreach, and community here at Westminster.  Membership Matters Booklet

We are a big church, but one with open doors and open hearts.  Our congregation covers many generations, among which are people of every stage of faith.  We welcome those seeking God and His truths, regardless of questions, baggage, or plain old life experiences.

We want everyone who enters our doors to feel welcome, and to be connected to Christ and to a community.


Inquirer/New Member Class

Membership is often a natural next step for those who have already attended our church and begun to explore our ministries.  Joining a church is not like joining a club.  There are no dues or secret handshakes.  The only requirement is a profession of belief in Jesus Christ.  Whether you are proclaiming this belief for the first time, or restating your commitment along with a letter of transfer from a former church, we rejoice with you!

Our Inquirer/New Member Class prepares you for this life-changing proclamation.  Our goals for the Inquirer/New Member Class are to increase our awareness and understanding of:

  • The central beliefs of the Christian faith
  • The Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church

The class provides opportunities for:

  • Making or deepening commitment to Jesus Christ
  • Making friends within the class and within the larger Westminster community
  • Making commitment to specific connections with Westminster

At the class you will meet the pastors and lay leaders, and develop connections with other new members just like yourself.

Facilitator: Rev. Jennie Clark
Location: Spellman Hall

New members will be welcomed during worship, date to be announced. 

2018 Inquirer/New Member Classes:

Saturday, January 27, 2018 
9am – 1:30pm

Saturday, June 9, 2018 
9am – 1:30pm

Sunday, October 14, 2018 
11am – 3:30pm

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